Meet Keele

I am Keele, a visual & textile artist who enjoys working with & mixing all types of mediums. I enjoy traveling the world & admiring architecture, food & music of other cultures. I collect children's books, am an avid reader, animal lover, art teacher who loves to challenge the ‘rules’ of Art. I am a mother of two very voracious boys who help me to see life in new & exciting ways, encouraging the desire to continually recreate myself. I am happy & excited to share a piece of my world with you through something I love…hoping you may love it too!!
My Work

Living in the Moment: For me, expressing myself through art whether it be painting, drawing, material manipulation, textile work, or fashion; I lose myself, then find myself time after time. People have often asked me how I would classify my art.  That has always been hard for me as I truly live in the moment of its creation. I love color & movement, as well as texture & patterns. I enjoy chaos mixed with intentional placement of balance & color. The only intention that I have for my art is for the eye to be drawn in & the soul to dance.


My Process

Layer & bulid: I like all mediums, however, I gravitate toward acrylics & mediums that are more easily manipulated as I am always working & re-working my art. I love working on canvas & wood panels. I don’t typically use brushes; I prefer to use my hands, palette knives, spoons, spatulas, sponges, squirt bottles, straws, heat torches, & sometimes, an electric drill. I like to layer & build with these more unconventional tools, letting mediums drip & flow over the sides, taking their own course. Since colors & textures change as the piece cures, I later add my own details that increase the piece's beauty & complexity with each added layer. Once I feel the work is complete, I like to either keep it as a gallery wrapped hung canvas (no frame) or build a custom wood frame to hold the piece. I may or may not choose to name the piece as often I prefer to leave my artwork open for interpretation.

My Inspirations

I have been influenced by many artists & designers as well as many of the cultures & places that I have visited. I am often inspired by my dreams, which are rich in vivid color & detail, often reflecting feelings provoked by people, places, & events from my life. I don’t always have a specific design in mind, my current surroundings are a large influence in what I may produce.  However, I like to the allow art itself take its course; letting those who admire it make their own interpretation, which may be very different than my own. One thing has always been true to my philosophy – the rules of ART are meant to be broken.

My Early Years

I started drawing, painting & designing at a very young age. I was mostly fascinated with abstract design & color having been a product of the 80’s. I designed & made my own clothes, waking each morning before school & sewing them myself from all different textiles, color & patterns. The rules of art, architecture & fashion were really challenged in the 80’s, which became a real influence & motivation for me. I was lucky to see & experience this first hand, growing up in Southern California where Fashion & Art were so easily accessible. I focused on those skills & attended classes at the Art Center in Pasadena & Otis Parsons School of Art & Design in Los Angeles as early as High School. I since studied & traveled abroad in both Europe & Asia, which has also had a large influence on my work.


My Other Interests

Aside from getting dirty up to my elbows in paint, I enjoy many other things in my spare time. I love to travel & immerse myself in different cultures & embrace being a bit of a gypsy. My family is most important in my life; I gave up a corporate job to spend every day with my favorite men. I am a daughter, sister, wife & mother. I love to dance with my boys to Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars. I am often caught blaring U2 full blast (my all-time favorite band) & guilty of concert stalking them as often as possible (36 tours to date). I unashamedly admit that I love UFC fighting & enjoy Taekwondo. I love to walk & cuddle with my Australian Cattle Dog (who thinks she is 100% human) & her little brother, a very precocious Lab/Shepard mix . In my spare time, I love to bake, & dream to one day have a cupcake truck. I continue to volunteer heavily in both my church & military community wherever I land.



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