Meet Jen

I am Jen, a visual artist, encouraging teacher, empathetic bodyworker, animal lover, world traveler & tequila drinking, ever-curious, life long learner.  I am happy & grateful to share my love of creating with you!
My Work

I cultivate vibrant & eclectic artwork that protrays my love of other cultures & the natural world.  My acrylic & mixed media pieces contain vivid layers & patterns along with highly textural elements, giving my art a dreamy kinesthetic, & at times, an almost underwater feel.  

My Process

Larger Paintings: I typically begin my work by priming & stretching canvas onto a flat wooden board.  Picking a few colors to start with, putting on some inspiring tunes & going with my gut, my dancing hands brush, scrape, drip, & throw many layers of different colors, shapes & textures onto the canvas. Using palette knives, rollers, silicone tipped tools, tiny squirt bottles, bare fingers & the occasional brush, the layers eventually bulid to reveal a rich & vibrant story. I then remove the canvas from the board & restretch it onto a wooden stretcher bar frame, the image wrapping around the sides to create a very cool visual effect.   

Meditation: Often when I feel "stuck" in the painting process, I take a few minutes to sit quietly with my eyes closed & focus on my body & breath.  This brings me back to the present & out of the negative thought patterns that sometimes emerge.  I also find myself repeating the mantra "Just let it happen" when I start to overanalyze a painting.  This helps me take more risks, try new things & focus on the creative process itself, as opposed the outcome of the painting. 

Acrylic Pour Paintings: I have been experiementing with acrylic pour paintings which is a whole different & very fun animal.  I am playing with using a record player to spin the paintings to create dramatic looking abstract scenes.  The process for my larger paintings typically takes hours & hours to produce, where acrylic pours are often very quick to create; both are very satisfying!   I am currently experimenting with how I can bring the two contrasting processes together for a style that is uniquely mine.  Trying new things is the name of the game & what makes creating art especially fun! 

My Inspiration

The Natural World: I am always inspired by the color & patterns found in organic forms like plants, flowers, landscapes, insects & animals.  I also have strong ties to the Northwest, where I currently live, & to the Southwest, where I grew up & still visit regularly.  Images of these contrating terrains often reveal themselves in my work. 

My Internal World:  I also draw a lot of inspiration from the mini body-focussed meditation sessions I incorporate into my painting sessions.  Sometime, I get wildly vivid ideas in my minds eye's while reconnecting to my body & breath.

Traveling: I also acquire inspiration by traveling to & studying other cultures around the world.  So much to learn, so much beauty to be seen, heard & experienced!

My Early Years

My love for creating art began as soon as I could hold a crayon.  I was often seen doodling &drawing pictures of birds, butterflies, trees & flowers from my family's World Book Encyclopedia collection, back before the interenet!  I later earned my Fine Art Degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, focusing on drawing, printmaking & film photography studies.  It was not until a few years ago that I took a short online course introducing me to painting.  I instantly fell in love & ran with it.  And Here We Are...

My Other Interests

In my spare time I enjoy taking in the local art scene & going on walks while snapping pictures of trees, flowers & anything else that strikes my interest around my neighborhood.  I am currently "between dogs" as I just lost my sweet baby girl, Cinder, about a year ago.  In the meantime, I am loving on others' furry family members.  I am active in the animal community as a Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Instructor with Metro Dog and Pet First Aid Seattle. I enjoy helping others & work as a Craniosacral Therapist and Private Pilates Instructor in the beautiful Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle.  I also love gardening, dancing to Salsa, Prince or Lady Gaga, taking barre classes, watching design & remodel shows, & occasionally eating yummy food & sipping tasty cocktails out with friends.  I am also a big fan of soccer & the Seattle Sounders.


Thanks again for visiting !