Our Story

 Keele & Jen:  Two Sisters, Two Artists, One Dream

It all began in Scottsdale, Arizona, when Jen was 3 & Keele was 8. Two sisters that used to “play” art studio in their Dad's home office when he was at work. We would draw & create art for hours, using any piece of paper, crayon, pencil, paint, highlighter & scrap we could find. We made our studio as official as possible & had clients call us on our "business line" while selling our art to family members.

Growing up in two different states & households,we spent a lot of time apart, but every time we got together, we drew, colored, painted & admired art. We have traveled the world together, seeing some of the most iconic works of art the world has to offer.

As adults we have ventured down entirely different paths in life, different cities, different lifestyles, but the two ties that always keep us bound are our love for eachother and our creativity. 

Miles apart with a shared passion.  Thanks to modern technology we have now found an opportunity to finally merge our talents once again & bring together a dream we have always had…an Art Studio of our own.  We cannot always sit in an office or studio together every day, but we can work together to bring you something we both love here - online.

2G Studio Arts & Blue Dahlia Arts is a collection of art that we have created individually while we are side-by-side & while apart in separate cities, but it is always “ours” together.  These two sisters have waited over 40 years to bring this dream together, our hope is that you enjoy our journey through art as much as we do!

Special Thanks to Our Dad, for passing on the seriously creative genes & always encouraging us to follow our dream!