2G Studio Arts & Blue Dahlia Arts

Welcome to 2G Studio Arts!  We are glad you are curious about us & our work.

2G Studio Arts is a dream that has been in the works for as long as we can remember. It probably began in a makeshift office in Scottsdale, Arizona when Jennifer was 3 & Keele was 8 (or something like that). Two sisters that used to “play” art studio & office in their Dad's real office when he was at work. We would draw & create art for hours, then try to sell it to our family members. We used any piece of paper, crayon, pencil, paint, highlighter & scrap we could find to create art. We made our studio as official as possible & even had clients call us on our "business line". It all started there – the love of art that continued to be cultivated by a very creative family that played along with us.

Although we were not always together, we both had similar passions & a love of the Arts. Every time we got together, we drew, colored, painted & admired Art. We have traveled the world together, seeing some of the most iconic works of art the world has to offer. Although we have ventured down entirely different paths in life, the two ties that always keep us bound are our love for ART & our love for each other as sisters.

As we have grown, matured & life has settled for both of us; we have found an opportunity to finally merge our talents once again & bring together a dream we have always had…an Art Studio of our own. Being that we are still miles apart we are lucky to be living in a world that has amazing virtual technology. We cannot sit in an office or studio side by side every day, but we can work together to bring you something we both love here - online.

2G Studio Arts is a combination of OUR love & interpretation of art. It is collection of art that we have done while we are together & when we are apart. Some is inspired from each other, ideas we have shared with each other, a place we have been together; or it is just our very own work. Either way, it is “ours” together after over 40 years of having a dream.  These two sisters have waited a long time to bring this together, our hope is that you enjoy our journey through art as much as we do!

Special thanks to our Dad, for #1-passing down some serious creative genes & #2-for always encouraging us to follow our dreams no matter how big they may be!  


I am Keele, a visual & textile artist who enjoys working with & mixing all types of mediums. I enjoy traveling the world & admiring architecture, food & music of other cultures. I collect children's books, am an avid reader, animal lover, art teacher who loves to challenge the ‘rules’ of Art. I am a mother of two very voracious boys who help me to see life in new & exciting ways, encouraging the desire to continually recreate myself. I am happy & excited to share a piece of my world with you through something I love…hoping you may love it too!!

For me, expressing myself through art whether it be painting, drawing, material manipulation, textile work, or fashion; I lose myself, then find myself time after time. People have often asked me how I would classify my art.  That has always been hard for me as I truly live in the moment of its creation. I love color & movement, as well as texture & patterns. I enjoy chaos mixed with intentional placement of balance & color. The only intention that I have for my art is for the eye to be drawn in & the soul to dance.

I like all mediums, however, I gravitate toward acrylics & mediums that are more easily manipulated as I am always working & re-working my art. I love working on canvas & wood panels. I don’t typically use brushes; I prefer to use my hands, palette knives, spoons, spatulas, sponges, squirt bottles, straws, heat torches, & sometimes, an electric drill. I like to layer & build with these more unconventional tools, letting mediums drip & flow over the sides, taking their own course. Since colors & textures change as the piece cures, I later add my own details that increase the piece's beauty & complexity with each added layer. Once I feel the work is complete, I like to either keep it as a gallery wrapped hung canvas (no frame) or build a custom wood frame to hold the piece. I may or may not choose to name the piece as often I prefer to leave my artwork open for interpretation.

I have been influenced by many artists & designers as well as many of the cultures & places that I have visited. I am often inspired by my dreams, which are rich in vivid color & detail, often reflecting feelings provoked by people, places, & events from my life. I don’t always have a specific design in mind, my current surroundings are a large influence in what I may produce.  However, I like to the allow art itself take its course; letting those who admire it make their own interpretation, which may be very different than my own. One thing has always been true to my philosophy – the rules of ART are meant to be broken.

I started drawing, painting & designing at a very young age. I was mostly fascinated with abstract design & color having been a product of the 80’s. I designed & made my own clothes, waking each morning before school & sewing them myself from all different textiles, color & patterns. The rules of art, architecture & fashion were really challenged in the 80’s, which became a real influence & motivation for me. I was lucky to see & experience this first hand, growing up in Southern California where Fashion & Art were so easily accessible. I focused on those skills & attended classes at the Art Center in Pasadena & Otis Parsons School of Art & Design in Los Angeles as early as High School. I since studied & traveled abroad in both Europe & Asia, which has also had a large influence on my work.

Aside from getting dirty up to my elbows in paint, I enjoy many other things in my spare time. I love to travel & immerse myself in different cultures & embrace being a bit of a gypsy. My family is most important in my life; I gave up a corporate job to spend every day with my favorite men. I am a daughter, sister, wife & mother. I love to dance with my boys to Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars. I am often caught blaring U2 full blast (my all-time favorite band) & guilty of concert stalking them as often as possible (36 tours to date). I unashamedly admit that I love UFC fighting & enjoy Taekwondo. I love to walk & cuddle with my Australian Cattle Dog who thinks she is 100% human. In my spare time, I love to bake, & dream to one day have a cupcake truck. I continue to volunteer heavily in both my church & military community wherever I land.


I am Jen, a visual artist, encouraging teacher, empathetic bodyworker, animal lover, world traveler & tequila drinking, ever-curious, life long learner.  I am happy & grateful to share my love of creating with you!

I cultivate vibrant & eclectic artwork that protrays my love of other cultures & the natural world.  My acrylic & mixed media pieces contain vivid layers & patterns along with highly textural elements, giving my art a dreamy kinesthetic, & at times, an almost underwater feel.  

I typically begin my work by priming & stretching canvas onto a flat wooden board.  Picking a few colors to start with, putting on some inspiring tunes & going with my gut, my dancing hands brush, scrape, drip, & throw many layers of different colors, shapes & textures onto the canvas. Using palette knives, rollers, silicone tipped tools, tiny squirt bottles, bare fingers & the occasional brush, the layers eventually bulid to reveal a rich & vibrant story. I then remove the canvas from the board & restretch it onto a wooden stretcher bar frame, the image wrapping around the sides to create a very cool visual effect.  

A Constant Experiment: Recently, I have been experiementing with acrylic pour paintings which is a whole different & very fun animal.  The process I described above typically takes hours & hours to produce, where acrylic pours are often very quick to create.  I am currently experimenting with how I can bring the two contrasting processes together for a style that is uniquely mine.  Trying new things is the name of the game & what makes creating art especially fun! 

I am always inspired by the color & patterns found in organic forms like plants, flowers, landscapes, insects & animals.  I also have strong ties to the Northwest, where I currently live, & to the Southwest, where I grew up & still visit regularly.  Images of these contrating terrains often reveal themselves in my work.  I also acquire inspiration by traveling to & studying other cultures around the world.  So much to learn, so much beauty to be seen, heard & experienced!

My love for creating art began at a young age, where I was often seen drawing pictures of birds, butterflies, trees & flowers from my family's World Book Encyclopedia collection, back before the interenet!  I later earned my Fine Art Degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, focusing on drawing, printmaking & film photography studies.  It was not until a few years ago that I took a short online course introducing me to painting.  I instantly fell in love & ran with it.  And Here We Are...

In my spare time I enjoy taking in the local art scene & going on walks while snapping pictures of trees, flowers & anything else that strikes my interest around my neighborhood.  I am currently "between dogs" as I just lost my sweet baby girl, Cinder, a few months ago.  In the meantime, I am loving on others' furry family members.  I am active in the animal community as a Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Instructor with Metro Dog and Pet First Aid Seattle. I enjoy helping others & work as a Craniosacral Therapist and Private Pilates Instructor in the beautiful Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle.  I also love gardening, dancing to Salsa, Prince or Lady Gaga, taking barre classes, watching design & remodel shows, & occasionally eating yummy food & sipping tasty cocktails out with friends.  I am also a big fan of soccer & the Seattle Sounders.

Thanks again for visiting 2G Studio Arts & Blue Dahlia Arts!